March 19, 2021

PRIVACY SECURITY AND FREEDOM Impregnable to compromise

PRIVACY SECURITY AND FREEDOM Impregnable to compromise

CHALLENGE: Online messaging and storage impregnable to compromise.

Data and systems breaches increasingly threaten information security around the world, costing billions of dollars annually.  Breaches are particularly problematic for government, and compels them to implement increasingly tighter security measures.  Kloak developed a breakthrough technology that provides the most secure data storage and communication tools available today.

Kloak’s solution is a 3-stage data storage methodology where information is encrypted with a proprietary algorithm.  Data is fragmented and stored in decentralized locations across multiple servers, to ensure that if a server is compromised, complete data and data structures are not, so hacked information cannot be reassembled and used.  This thoroughly protects all stored data.

Other technologies provide temporary, stop-gap solutions, Kloak’s is a global cure.  We devised an out-of-the-box innovation: bold, revolutionary, yet simple. After six years’ R & D, our disruptive technology is ready to use - a solution that completely and effectively protects messaging and data storage from surveillance, exploitation or interference.

By not using the IP address, and instead routing all communications and data using a decentralized and encrypted network, Kloak’s inventive solution makes data and communications virtually impossible for hackers to be able to attack, block, censor or otherwise manipulate.